• Letter to Tokyo Videostill © 2012 Paul Weihs

Letter to Tokyo

We see the project as a film with artistic intervention.

The first part is made up of archive material and was cut into a film story, contrary to the original intention. The 12 year-old material was filmed in Tokyo with a Handycam in night shot mode, image and sound were restored in postproduction.

The scenes were not staged for the film. The concentration alone, the intensity of the flow of improvisation, which allows for no distraction in front of the camera, shows how much tension and naturalness is in the performance. Letter to Tokyo – a film which aims to initiate the continuation of a story.

Where and how the artists live, what they do and their reactions to the film are a component of the second part, a documentary about their current living environments and reflections combined with what is experienced together.



a project by

Birgit Mollik, Paul Weihs          

photography: Paul Weihs

postproduction, sounddesign:

Birgit Mollik, Paul Weihs



Ayumi Sonoda, Steve Gander